company profile

the fourth construction co.,ltd.of china electronics system engineering (referred to as cefoc) was founded in 1953 and belongs to cec china electronic systems engineering corporation. it is a comprehensive engineering and technical service company focusing on engineering consultation, engineering design, engineering contracting and facility management in the fields of electronic information, biopharmaceutical, chemical environmental protection, data center, automobile, new energy and other high-tech manufacturing industries.

cefoc has nice social reputation by winning the luban prize for construction project, national high quality engineering award and china installation star award for many times and being rated as national excellent construction enterprise, national aaa credit enterprise, being granted with national may 1st labor award, as the national "ankang cup" competition winner while winning the national aaa enterprise credit rating certificate of construction industry and the honorary titles many times such as hebei provincial contractabiding & creditworthy enterprise, advanced enterprise in hebei construction industry,etc.

cefoc attaches great importance to scientific and technological innovation, and has been recognized as a backbone construction enterprise in hebei province and a clean engineering technology center in hebei province. it has obtained 77 national patents and edited or coedited 15 standards & spectifications, 13 construction methods at or above the provincial level.

cefoc has abundant human resources, including 17 professor-level senior engineers, 203 senior engineers, 992 intermediate professional and technical personnel, 172 first-level registered construction engineers and 111 other registered personnel.

in  1953

founded in 1953, formerly under the ministry of electronic industry

in  2003

restructured into a limited liability company in 2003


belongs to cec china electronic systems engineering corporation

cefoc is registered in shijiazhuang having beijing, shanghai and chengdu as its three major operation centers with 12 regional centers in suzhou, hangzhou, shenzhen, wuhan, hefei, tianjin, jinan, xiamen, shenyang, nanjing, xi'an, guiyang, etc.. its project performance covers more than 30 provinces, cities, autonomous regions, and has entered into overseas markets in europe, the middle east, southeast asia, africa, etc.

cefoc has hundreds of well-known projects at home and abroad providing engineering services to more than 100 global top 500 customers, such as intel (shanghai, chengdu, dalian), amd suzhou, global foundries chengdu, smic international (beijing、 shanghai) , amkor, boe (beijing, hefei, chongqing, fuzhou,chengdu), tcl clot optoelectronics (shenzhen, wuhan), tianma(wuhan, xiamen), panda (nanjing、 chengdu), samsung (xi'an, suzhou), hynix, jhicc, changxin memory technologies, shanghai asmc beijing yandong microelectronics, chot, infovision optoelectronics, hitachi display, corning (beijing, hefei), tyco electronics, bmw, huawei, novartis, pfizer, astrazeneca,  fresenius kabi,  roche, sanofi, shell lubricants, compton, pilot、luroda、 basf chemical, 3m, p & g r & d center, expo australia pavilion, bacchus industry, coca cola, goodyear, horse tire、 ferrero and etc..

over the years, cefoc has been continuously cared and encouraged by the communist party of china, the state and local governments. liu shaoqi, zhu de, he long, luo ruiqing, jiang zemin, li peng, wang zhen, li ruihuan, hu jintao and other party and state leaders visited the construction site for many times, giving a high evaluation to the hard work and construction quality of the employees of cefoc.

historical evolution
  • in 2016

    kunshan max cleanroom system co., ltd ,a subsidiary of cefoc successfully listed on the neeq.

  • in 2014

     kunshan max cleanroom system co., ltd ,a subsidiary of cefoc acquired teco of italy. the pace of internationalization of the company was accelerated.

  • in 2010

    cefoc wholly owned kunshan max cleanroom system co., ltd brand and established a specialized production base for clean room siding.

  • in 2010

    established ccfm, a limited company in beijing and entered the field of project management and maintenance.

  • in 2006

    cefoc acquired the property right of hebei petrochemical planning and design institute.

  • in 2003

    the company was transformed from a state-owned enterprise into a multi shareholding limited liability company, namely the fourth construction co., ltd. of china electronics system engineering.

  • in 1985

    owned by the ministry of electronic industry, and its full name was the mechanical and electrical equipment installation company of the ministry of electronic industry.

  • in 1953

    the company was founded and divided into shenyang installation company and huadong mechanical and electrical installation company.